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New Euro 6 Unpolluted Diesels ‘Up To 6 Times More Polluting’

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New research has revealed that the new Euro 6 standard is not likely to reduce the number of emissions from vehicles as first thought.

A consultancy based in the Netherlands has shown that the limit is exceeded by six times by the new Euro 6 standard.

It is estimated that Euro 6 vehicles won’t be reducing any more emissions than Euro 5 or even Euro 4 vehicles are. The new limit is set at 80mg of CO2 per kg. However, when put to the test Euro 6 vehicles were emitting 500mg.

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What Does This Mean For The  Planned Euro 6 Tax?

This research is bound to set tongues wagging as Boris Johnson; the mayor of London recently announced plans to charge any non-Euro 6 vehicles a £10 charge for driving in to the centre of London. He stated that this new tax was a plan to improve air quality in the capital.

Some of the biggest cities in the UK have failed to tackle their nitrogen oxide emissions levels. Therefore, the been taken to court over it. It has now been revealed that nitrogen dioxide levels that should have been attained in 2010 will not be attained until at least 2030. Birmingham, Leeds and London are the cities that have failed to meet their emissions target. These are the cites that are currently facing legal action.

The research has stated that the control equipment used in the official testing procedure is not effective. The results can also be manipulated with ease. This is the main reason why real-world levels and the ‘official’ levels are different.

Furthermore, the research has stated that it depends on the levels of acceleration in a vehicle as to when the urea is sprayed into the tank and dispelling the harmful releases. When these levels of acceleration aren’t reached then nothing happens.

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