Clean your fuel for a clean conscience

Fuel polishing is a cost-effective way to clean your fuel, while causing little to no disruption to your business. At Speedy Fuels, we’ve invested in the industry’s most advanced technology which allows us to polish (clean) your fuel and remove any contaminants in a safe, non-disruptive and environmentally friendly manner.

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What is fuel polishing?

Before investing in an entirely new fuel stock, find out whether our fuel polishing service can help. By polishing your stored fuel, we can increase your equipment’s working life and eradicate the need for a costly fuel and tank replacement.

How does fuel polishing work?

When fuel is left in storage, contaminants such as bacteria, sludge and water accumulate in your tank which significantly reduces its lifespan and also risks damaging fuel lines and equipment. The most cost-effective method to prevent damage is through fuel polishing.

Our engineers attach a fuel polishing unit to your tank in a parallel circuit which allows us to clean your fuel while keeping disruption to an absolute minimum. Any contaminants are then filtered out layer by layer, leaving you with a fuel supply that’s as good as new.

We use a particle counter to check your fuel’s condition and measure the number of unwanted particles. Through filtration and depolymerisation, fuel polishing breaks down water, sediment and microbial contamination to restore your fuel back to its former condition.

We use a traffic light system to determine the current state of the fuel:

  • Green light – the fuel adheres to current specifications
  • Amber light – the fuel is just under the criteria and can benefit from polishing
  • Red light – the fuel is badly degraded and needs an intensive fuel polish

If you suspect that your fuel is contaminated, call 0333 004 0345 today before it’s too late to rectify.

The importance of fuel testing

Before we can polish your fuel, we need to determine if it can be restored. We’ll take samples from the top, middle and bottom of your tank to ascertain the level of degradation. If it’s too badly contaminated, fuel polishing may not be suitable. However, if there’s only a small to medium number of contaminants, we will always aim to polish it back to perfection.

Why choose Speedy Fuels’ fuel polishing service?

  • Cost-effective, efficient and safe
  • Protect the future of your fuel supply
  • Little to no disruption in your operations
  • Nationwide service
  • Removes the need for costly stock replacement
  • A team of industry-leading engineers
  • We can polish up to 25,000 litres of fuel in just 1 hour

Find out whether your business can benefit from fuel polishing and contact our team today on 0333 004 0345.