Uplift Fuels Safely and Within Environmental Legislation

Our fuel uplift service is available for organisations across the UK that need to move fuel from tank-to-tank, site-to-site or to remove it completely from site. You have a legal duty to ensure any waste fuels and oils are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

If you have more than 500 litres of fuel that you no longer require, we can come to your site and uplift it from your tank using our fully certified fuel uplift service.

How does our fuel uplift service work?

Our engineers will come to your site and conduct a full site survey and technical evaluation of the stored fuel, including its condition and the best method of recovery.

We will then devise a plan, using risk assessments to ensure the best and least disruptive course of action is taken. Our engineers will then remove the fuel and pump it into one of our tankers in order to safely transport it from your site. If suitable, we will release it into the market and arrange payment.

We will always remove any tank residues, degas the tank if required and either decommission it to prevent future use or remove the tank from your site.

Whatever your requirements for uplifting your fuel, we are confident we can help. Get in touch with our fuel experts today on 0330 123 3773 to find out more about our fuel uplift service

Which fuels do we uplift?

Speedy Fuels specialises in the uplift of diesel, gas oil and kerosene, as well as full tank cleaning and replacing contaminated fuel.

We will offer you payment if the fuel can be recycled back into general circulation, allowing you to turn your waste assets into profit. However, if it’s too badly degraded, we’ll dispose of it in line with all associated environmental legislation.

How can I prevent fuel degradation?

We recommend investing in a regular planned preventative maintenance programme to save you having to replace your entire fuel system. We can test, monitor and polish your fuel on a fixed price, annual basis to help you avoid having to uplift and replace your full fuel stock.

Get in touch today to find out more about our fuel uplift and environmental services by calling 0330 123 3773 today