oil dispensing equipment

Speedy Fuels offers a wide variety of tanks and oil dispensing equipment to help you handle and dispense oil in a safe and efficient manner. Our oil dispensing equipment also makes oil storage more environmentally friendly.Oil Dispensing Equipment Supplier

Speedy Fuels’ wide range of support products are ideal for your oil storage needs. We also offer some environmentally friendly products.

If you’re looking for air operated pumps, we have the product for you. We also supply a range of hose reels and mobile oil dispensing equipment.

If you would like to learn more and discuss your requirements, call us today on 0330 123 5665 and one of our team will be more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

Oil dispensing equipment we can supply

Barrel taps and pumps
Fuel hose
Bunded barrel pallets
IBC bunded spill pallets
Barrel stands
Plastic tanks
Grease guns
Steel tanks
Jugs and funnels
Mobile bowsers for hire/purchase
Barrel taps
Tank hire
Flow meters

240v, 110v and 12/24v powered pumping equipment
Hose & Nozzle kits
Fuel pumps, meters
Fuel bowsers – tow or static (sale or hire)
Lubricant storage (hazardous substances cabinets)
Absorbent granules, oil socks and land/marine booms
Fuel storage tanks – metal or plastic
Barrel drip trays
Spill kits

Air operated oil pumps are available in kit format. The kit comes with all the necessary items for a complete pump installation. This includes an air line filter regulator, pressure gauge and shut-off valves.

Fuel Safety Kit

Speedy Fuels’ fuel kit includes a 205-litre oil barrel, 2 barrel capacity drip tray, barrel pump and a spill kit – all your fuel storage needs comprised into one.

The benefits:

Comply with health & safety regulations from day one of your project
Ensure your site never grinds to an expensive and time consuming halt
Excellent value for money
Expert advice on hand
Ensure fuel is at optimum levels
Barrel replacements available to order with minimum delay

Oil Storage Services

Waste oil collection and pump outs
Fuel transfer (tank-to-tank or site-to-site)
Spillage response and clean up
Site surveys
Fuel tank installation
Separator and interceptor installation, inspection and cleaning
Technical advice (fuel storage regulations, environmental standards)

If you would like to learn more about our products and services, you can do so by calling our knowledgeable team today on 0330 123 5665.