Reduce your environmental impact with carbon offset fuels

At Speedy Fuels, we take our environmental impact seriously and we know that you do too. That’s why we have expanded our range of carbon offset fuels to include red diesel, white diesel, kerosene, domestic heating oil and industrial heating oil too!

Carbon offsetting is a great way to get closer to your sustainability goals when switching to an alternative fuel or power source isn’t financially viable. It only costs a few extra pence per litre, and helps to address global emissions by reducing your carbon footprint.

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Carbon offset fuels by Speedy Fuels

What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting is a tool for businesses and individuals looking to find ways to lessen their environmental impact.

It is most popular amongst regular fuel users who cannot switch to lower-emission fuels or power sources for financial, efficiency or practicality reasons. For example, off-grid homes whom a heat pump may be both unaffordable and impractical, or businesses that rely on a road fleet where electrification isn’t currently an option.  

Carbon offsetting provides an affordable alternative which, whilst it doesn’t remove the emissions at their source, still helps to protect the global environment.

How does carbon offsetting work?

It’s important to note that carbon offsetting makes no changes to the fuel you buy; instead, you pay a little extra to “offset” the carbon that is released by your order.

Carbon offsetting works through the purchase of carbon credits, which help to fund projects and initiatives across the world that prevent the equivalent emissions from being produced elsewhere. This process is called carbon offsetting.

Speedy Fuels source our carbon credits from CHOOOSE, a leading climate-tech company and provider of accredited carbon credits that are verified to the highest certification standards.

How can I offset my fuels?

We’ve worked to ensure that offsetting your fuels is a simple process as possible – we will calculate your carbon dioxide emissions and ensure that you have the appropriate credits to offset your full order. All you need to do is:

  1. Ask your Account Manager about offsetting your fuel each time you place an order
  2. We take the details of your order and calculate the carbon offset contribution required, and provide a quote for the carbon credits required
  3. Once you agree, your contributions go toward global projects that reduce emissions
  4. You’ll receive a certificate for the carbon credits purchased, proving that you’re doing your bit to reduce your environmental footprint!

Carbon offsetting projects

You’ll be supporting environmental initiatives both within the UK and across the globe, such as restoration, wind farms, reducing landfill and providing clean water projects. These represent the best standards of emission reduction projects available today.

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How are my carbon credits verified?

Speedy Fuels sources all of our carbon credits through CHOOOSE, which provides independently-certified credits to the following globally-recognised standards, such as:

  • Gold Standard
  • Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)
  • United Nations Climate Change Carbon Mechanism (CDM)
  • Fairtrade
  • United Nations
  • REDD+
  • The Climate, Community and Biodiversity Alliance (CCBS)
Speedy Fuels Carbon Credit Verification

How do I know that my carbon credits will have an impact?

There are four main principles that all offsets must consider in order to ensure that they have a positive global impact:

Additionality – Ensuring that buying this offset leads to a reduction in GHG that would not have happened otherwise. Requires rigorous accountability and transparency.

Permanence – Offset projects should almost permanently keep CO₂ emissions out of the air. This can be an issue with deforestation or forest fires impacting offset projects.

Double counting – Ensure that the purchased offset has exclusive claim to the emissions reduction project, which can be difficult between consumer, corporate and national levels

Leakage – Issues such as protected forest areas resulting in increased deforestation in unprotected areas or projects making other issues worse, e.g. social or environmental impacts.

Take the first step toward decarbonisation with carbon offset fuels – simply call us on 0330 123 3773 to add carbon credits to your next fuel order.

What is Speedy Fuels doing to reduce emissions?

Speedy Fuels has been verified carbon neutral since April 2022.

To reach this sustainability milestone, we reduced our avoidable emissions by adopting cleaner, more environmentally-friendly approaches to our internal processes. Unavoidable emissions are then offset through the purchase of carbon credits, which fund global carbon reduction projects.

But that wasn’t the start of our sustainability journey – Speedy Fuels has been voluntarily offsetting our delivery miles since 2012, and we switched our entire delivery fleet to HVO in 2021.

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Speedy Fuels is a carbon neutral business


What if I want to go further than offsetting my fuels?

Speedy Fuels has a number of options available for those looking to push their green ambitions even further.

Diesel users should consider switching to HVO, our drop-in advanced renewable diesel which reduces up to 90% of net CO2 emissions.

Beyond carbon offsetting

Whilst carbon offsetting is a great option for reducing your environmental impact, especially when you are also undertaking other carbon-reducing activities, it isn’t a complete solution to the climate crisis.

There is no better way to reduce overall emissions than by cutting them off at their source. We already offer an innovative range of alternative fuels such as HVO and Carbon Clean Kerosene, and will continue to update our range as new options become available.

Frequently asked questions

What is a carbon footprint?

A carbon footprint is the total emissions produced by an individual or an organisation, including both the direct and indirect greenhouse gasses released.

(Direct emissions are from sources that are owned or directly controlled by you. Indirect emissions are a consequence of your activities, but occur at sources owned or controlled by someone else.)

What kind of projects will my credits support?

Carbon offsetting projects are typically based in developing nations, where the credits will have the greatest impact on global emissions and on local communities. They offer benefits that go beyond carbon reduction, such as providing employment, health benefits, reforestation and protecting biodiversity. Examples include:

  • Renewable energy projects – building wind farms to replace coal-fired power plants, replacing solid-fuel burners with solar-powered alternatives
  • Tree planting – what most people think of when we talk about carbon offsetting, where trees are planted in vast quantities to soak up CO2 directly from the air. This reforestation also provides future benefits too, such as increasing biodiversity and increasing carbon sequestration in soils and forests
  • Energy efficiency improvements – this can include additional insulation to reduce heat loss in buildings, or switching to energy-efficient vehicles and low-carbon transport options 
Is carbon offsetting a solution to climate change?

Whilst carbon credits provide a cost-effective route to cut global greenhouse gas emissions, it isn’t the ultimate solution.

The only way that we as a society can tackle climate change is to cut off our emissions at their source; we are already working towards that goal by adopting greener processes, using less harmful fuels like HVO, and reducing our environmental impact. Carbon offsetting falls into the latter category, but is another step on the journey to net zero emissions rather than the destination itself.  

You can find out what Speedy Fuels is doing to reach net zero on our commitment to the environment page.

Are your carbon offsets in line with PAS 2060?

Yes, they are! They adhere to the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and meet the offsetting standards of the PAS 2060 guidance on carbon neutrality. This provides full transparency and assurance on our carbon neutral claims.  

Choose Speedy Fuels as your supplier of independently verified carbon credits. Call 0330 123 3773 to find out more or to place an order today.