Our Journey to Net Zero

From running our entire fleet on HVO fuel to encouraging the use of low emission fuels, Speedy Fuels is dedicated to fuelling a greener future to help protect our environment. Find out about the steps we’re taking as part of our journey to becoming a leading alternative fuels supplier.

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Encouraging the use of clean fuel alternatives

The UK’s Net Zero target is fast approaching and reducing harmful emissions has never been more important. Change is coming, so why not lead the way?

We encourage all our customers to change their fuels to greener alternatives in order to help change our future. From HVO fuel to Carbon Offset Red Diesel and Carbon Clean Kerosene, we continually urge our customers to swap their fossil fuels for sustainable, readily available clean-burning alternatives.

Start reducing your environmental impact today and find out more about our low emission fuels.

Our entire fleet is run on HVO fuel

We can’t expect our customers to change their fuels without changing our own. That’s why we’ve moved our entire fleet over to HVO fuel to showcase the fuel’s ability to perform faultlessly as a diesel alternative. As part of the Crown Group, this makes us the first fuel suppliers in the country to switch our entire fleet over to an advanced renewable diesel fuel to help drive down the UK’s emissions.

This move will save more than 3080 tonnes of net CO2 emissions every year which is equivalent to driving round the earth 81 times!

Carbon neutral deliveries since 2012

We’ve been voluntarily offsetting our delivery mileage for a decade. This allows us to counteract the greenhouse gas emissions released when we deliver our customers’ fuel.

How does carbon offsetting work?

We purchase carbon credits which fund investment projects that provide an equivalent reduction in harmful emissions around the world. These activities cut emissions or absorb carbon dioxide, as well as improve the lives of others, promote biodiversity and fund investments into renewable energy.

Initiatives include planting trees, improving people’s wellbeing and helping tackle poverty in developing nations. This ensures there is no net increase in global greenhouse gas emissions as a result of our operations and is backed up with verified carbon credits.

What does this mean for you?

With every delivery, we pay an environmental agency to offset the associated carbon dioxide emissions that our tankers produce when delivering your fuel. This comes at no extra cost to you and is covered entirely by Speedy Fuels.

Benefits of carbon offsetting

  • Counteract your CO2 emissions
  • Help sustainable community development
  • Contribute towards a greener future
  • Reduce global greenhouse gas emissions

Use Speedy Fuels for your fuel deliveries and you’re already making a difference by choosing an environmentally conscious fuel supplier.

We can also offset the carbon emissions released from burning red diesel fuel for an additional fee, enabling you to purchase carbon credits to offset your fuel usage and reduce your operation’s environmental footprint. Visit our Carbon Offset Red Diesel page for more information, or call us on 0330 123 3773.

Optimising our tanker fleet

We regularly update our all DAF-fleet to ensure our tankers are as modern, efficient and reliable as possible. Using one manufacturer ensures we can streamline the maintenance of our vehicles and helps us to prioritise the safety of our drivers.

We also optimise our delivery routes to ensure our journeys are well planned to help avoid unnecessary mileage and carbon emissions as a result.

Choose Speedy Fuels as your environmentally-conscious fuel supplier. Call 0330 123 3773 to find out more or to place an order.