Guaranteed Emergency fuel deliveries 365 days a year

If you’re a fuel-dependent business, our priority fuel retention service is essential to ensure that your business is operational round-the-clock.

You wouldn’t drive a car without insurance! Why take a risk with your business?

If your business needs to be operational 24 hours a day, you need to follow best practice to prevent the risk of downtime. You never know when the unexpected is going to affect you, which is why we’re here for you 24/7. Our emergency priority fuel service gives you complete peace of mind so that you can keep your business operational in the event of a fuel emergency.

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What are the benefits of a priority fuel contract?

When you take on a priority fuel contract, you’ll reap a whole host of benefits, including:

  • Your fuel needs become our priority
  • Fuel orders will reach you within a matter of hours
  • You can order your fuel 24/7 night or day, 365 days a year!
  • Dedicated account manager that understands your business fuel needs
  • Save money and prevent loss of earnings in the event that an emergency hits your business

How does our priority fuel retention service work?

For an annual fee, you take on a priority fuel contract and we’ll cover all your emergency fuel needs within an agreed time limit whenever the need arises. From unexpected power cuts to stormy weather, you can count on Speedy Fuels when you need us most. We will guarantee to undertake all your emergency fuel deliveries within a pre-agreed timeframe to ensure you never run out of fuel.

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Who might use a priority fuel contract?

If your business needs to operate around the clock, our emergency fuel service is essential to guarantee your business runs smoothly. Some industries we’ve worked with before include:

  • Hospitals and care homes
  • Data centres and internet hosting companies
  • Food factories, farms, storage of cold items
  • Music venues, festivals, and events
  • Schools and universities
  • Government buildings
  • Any other businesses that deal with emergencies

If you’d like your organisation to be made a priority, don’t delay. Call us today on 0330 123 3773.