A Must for Environmentally Conscious Heat & Power

Our Combined Heat and Power (CHP) biofuel is made from high-quality, reprocessed waste oils and produces 87% lower CO2 emissions than petroleum-based diesel.

It’s non-toxic, biodegradable, completely safe to handle and can be substituted with diesel to reduce harmful emissions.

Making the switch to CHP biofuel allows you to receive a Renewable Obligations Certificate (ROC) to demonstrate your green efforts and credentials.

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Nationwide CHP biofuel supplier

Speedy Fuels can supply you with CHP biofuel, wherever you are in the UK and for whenever you need it, with 92% of orders delivered within 24 hours. With strategically located fuel depots and a vast tanker fleet, we can deliver your CHP biofuel within 48 hours regardless of your location.

As one of the UK’s largest green fuel suppliers, you can count on Speedy Fuels for a steady, safe and reliable CHP biofuel delivery.

chp biofuel

What is CHP biofuel?

CHP biofuel is a renewable alternative to fossil fuel, produced from vegetable oils, waste oils, animal matter and other by-products. Our CHP biofuel is made from waste oil using bio-ethanol, ensuring it meets OFGEM’s strict requirements for ROCs eligibility and has been approved on several CHP installations.

Speedy Fuels can supply a letter confirming the presence of raw materials which you can then submit to OFGEM to support your ROCs application. 

What is combined heat and power?

Combined heat and power, also known as CHP, cogeneration or cogen, is the process of generating both heat and power from one single fuel source, commonly diesel or gas. CHP systems are extremely efficient as they produce electricity and use the heat produced for warming spaces, providing hot water for domestic, commercial and industrial users.

CHP concurrently generates electricity and heat from one fuel, which increases efficiency by around 40%. This can be increased even more by using renewable fuels such as CHP biofuel.

CHP biofuel offers a net reduction in CO2 emissions of around 87% lower than mineral diesel.

There are varying grades of biofuel that are based on how much fuel is blended with diesel. B7 is 93% diesel and 7% renewable fuels and B100 biofuel is 100% renewable. These grades are necessary depending on where you’re located, as weather can affect your machinery or equipment’s capability to operate with biofuel.

Benefits of CHP biofuel

  • Produces 87% lower CO2 emissions than petroleum-based diesel
  • Biodegradable and completely non-toxic
  • Guaranteed to meet OFGEM requirements to earn ROCs certificates
  • Exceeds the minimum requirements of EN14214, the European standard for heating oil
  • Available with same day/next day delivery

For more information on ROCS and CHP biofuel eligibility, call our fuel experts today on 0330 123 3773

CHP biofuel quality

Each batch of CHP biofuel is tested to ensure it meets the requirements of the EN14214 (European Standard for heating fuels), however we’re extremely proud that our biofuel exceeds these standards.

CHP biofuel is produced from completely renewable and sustainable sources. These have been verified by OFGEM (Office of Gas and Electricity Markets), ensuring it’s suitable for ROCs (Renewable Obligation Certificates) which allows you to save up to 50% on OFGEM-approved installations.

Biofuel with Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROC)

ROCs are awarded by OFGEM to encourage companies to use environmentally friendly sources.

Every site that generates CHP biofuel must be registered by OFGEM in order to receive ROCs. To register OFGEM will conduct a full inspection of your planet. They will then decide whether to certify you or not.

For more information on ROCs, please contact OFGEM directly. But if you’re already certified by OFGEM, it’s fairly straightforward to replace your current fuel with CHP biofuel.

Why choose Speedy Fuels for CHP Biofuel?

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  • High-quality fuel with onsite testing
  • Free fuel management
  • 205-36,000+ litres

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