Red Diesel Supplier

Nationwide Red Diesel (Gas Oil) Deliveries

If you’re looking for a new red diesel supplier, Speedy Fuels is here to help you with all your red diesel requirements. Whether you need red diesel supplied in 205 litre barrels, or in quantities between 500 litres through to 36,000 litres of more supplied in one of our fuel tankers.

Give our knowledgeable team a call today on 0330 123 5665 if you have any question about our red diesel deliveries and to request a quote based on the latest red diesel prices.

We can deliver within 24-48 hours using our standard delivery option and on a same day basis using our emergency fuel delivery option so that you’re not left waiting for your red diesel.

Nationwide Red Diesel Fuel Suppliers

Where can I buy red diesel from?

Having red diesel delivered to your business or commercial premises means choosing a fuel supplier you can trust. Speedy Fuels is a leading red diesel supplier, that offers high-quality gas oil for use in construction, farming and several other similar industries.

Speedy Fuels delivers red diesel both locally and nationwide, so if you are looking for a reliable fuel supplier that can deliver near you, you can trust us to offer competitive red diesel prices.

What are the current red diesel prices?

When ordering red diesel or gas oil from any fuel supplier, you’ll need to know the price of red diesel per litre. However, oil prices change from day to day, so call us today or fill in the form on this page for the latest, competitive red diesel prices.

Why choose Speedy Fuels to supply your red diesel?

We started as reputable local red diesel suppliers in the London area, but we have fast become a national red diesel supplier by offering an unbeatable service! We pride ourselves on our reliable local deliveries and nationwide supply of red diesel on a same-day or next-day service for when you need it fast.

To learn more about this fuel or to get red diesel delivered to you, call our knowledgeable team for a red diesel quote on 0330 123 5665. Our team of fuel experts will be able to provide you with the latest gas oil prices.

Bulk red diesel orders and 45 gallon drums

Nationwide Red Diesel Fuel SuppliersWe sell red diesel in small and large quantities ranging from as little as 205-litre barrels / 45 gallon drums to 36,000 litres and over.

So if it’s just a barrel or a large amount of red diesel you want order, our experienced staff will take care of you all the way from the moment you order your fuel to the point of delivery and after.

Our red diesel prices are extremely competitive and offer you an excellent opportunity to save big when you order red diesel from us. Utilising our fuel management service will give you added savings and peace of mind. With this completely free service, we can order your gas oil at the best prices, while ensuring a steady red diesel supply so you never run out.

Choosing Speedy Fuels for your gas oil

As one of London’s leading red diesel suppliers, our commitment to a fast and reliable fuel delivery means that 92% of our orders will be delivered to you within 24 hours of purchase. Now that’s Speedy!

At Speedy Fuels, we sell red diesel in bulk (min. 500 litres) nationally, and we can deliver it to you the very same day (in an emergency) or the next day. We have a network of over 100 fuel depots, so we can supply red diesel to you when you need it!

Who can legally use red diesel?

Red diesel, also called gas oil, is a fuel which is widely used to operate off-road vehicles and machinery. Examples of these machines and vehicles include tractors, ride-on lawnmowers and diggers. Gas oil’s use on farms is also why the oil is known as agricultural diesel.

It is also used as heating oil to heat commercial premises and homes in some areas because it carries a small amount of duty. However, we would always advise business customers to consider switching to industrial heating oil and our domestic customers consider switching to home heating oil.

Using gas oil for any other function, such as in road vehicles on public highways, could be considered tax evasion and carries a penalty. A fine will be imposed on anyone caught using red diesel for non-working purposes.

For more information on the legal uses of red diesel, consider checking our own red diesel FAQ along with the guidance on the HMRC website, if you are unsure about the usage of your red diesel or speak with us regarding your situation and we’ll help clarify any confusion.

Speedy Fuels, we can supply red diesel and other fuels and lubricants to all industries and sectors, including the ones listed below.

Construction, civil engineering and related trades
Plant and equipment hire
National/local government
Ministry of Defence
Transport (rail, road and inland waterways)
Manufacturing and production industry
Quarrying and mining
Food production
Leisure industries

Why the service we offer is second to none:

Out-of-hours delivery service
Free fuel management service
All of our fuels are delivered on time
Over 60 years’ experience
Specialists in providing fuel to the London area
Fuel delivery based on your requirements
Waste fuels can be re-used or recycled
Assigned point of contact within Speedy Fuels

How can you order red diesel online?

If you’d like to learn more about our red diesel delivery services or if you’d like to request a quote or place an order. You can do so by calling our team today on 0330 123 5665.