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Choose Speedy Fuels as your industrial heating oil supplier and look forward to a fast and reliable service, with 92% of orders delivered within 24-48 hours of order. Call us on 0330 123 3773 to order Speedy Flame from a family-run business with over 60 years of industry experience.

Speedy Flame is our industrial heating oil (IHO) product that’s specifically intended for use in industrial boilers, heaters, dryers and furnaces. Where the production of hot water, steam or other forms of heat generation is required, Speedy Flame can be used as a cost-effective, drop-in alternative to diesel.

Please note that IHO is a fully rebated product and must only be used for heating.

industrial heating oil

Where can I have Speedy Flame Industrial Heating Oil delivered to?

Although our main fuel depot is located in London, we have depots strategically located across the UK. This means that we can deliver Speedy Flame Industrial Heating Oil nationwide within 24-48 hours of order.

When you become a Speedy Flame customer, you’ll be connected with a fuel specialist, given a quick quote and delivery timescale, and advised on the best heating solution for your business’s individual requirements.

What is Speedy Flame Industrial Heating Oil?

Speedy Flame is a high-quality industrial heating oil (IHO) blended in-house by Speedy Fuels, making it one of the most competitive commercial heating products on the market.

With a multi-functional additive, Speedy Flame provides fuel system cleanliness and corrosion protection, along with reduced emissions and combustion chamber deposit control. This translates as a cleaner, more efficient function with far lower wear and tear on your machinery.

Speedy IHO requires no equipment modifications and boasts a long shelf life, allowing you to buy in bulk and store it safely all year round.

Benefits of IHO / Speedy Flame

  • For use in industrial boilers, heaters, dryers and furnaces
  • Compatible and totally miscible with commercially available heating oils, diesel and hydrogenated vegetable oils – no need to empty fuel tanks before receipt of IHO deliveries
  • Equal calorific value and physical properties to diesel – same heat output for less money
  • Miscible with diesel – No need to empty your fuel tanks or modify your burner
  • Available with same/next day delivery
  • Low CFPP/pour point, providing year-round performance
  • Contains multifunctional additive – improves combustion efficiency, reduces combustion chamber deposits and provides fuel system cleanliness and corrosion protection.
  • Light colour, low odour and sediment-free

Switch your diesel for Speedy Flame to reap the benefits. Find out more today and call 0330 123 3773

Industrial heating oil tank monitoring services

Industrial heating oil users often depend on a steady supply for their operations – and running out of fuel simply isn’t an option. Our oil tank telemetry systems offer total security that your IHO levels are optimal.

Through the installation of remote sensors, your account manager will manage your fuel usage and arrange top ups to avoid downtime, allowing you to focus on the rest of your organisation.

Why choose Speedy Fuels for Industrial Heating Oil?

  • Nationwide coverage with 92% deliveries made within 24-48 hours
  • Over 60 years of experience and one-to-one support from industry experts
  • All deliveries carbon offset as part of our ongoing commitment to the environment
  • 24/7 emergency kerosene supplies, available day and night
  • High-quality fuel with onsite testing from industry-leading chemists
  • Delivery quantities from 205 litre barrels to 36,000+ litres
  • Long and flexible commercial payment plans

To start reducing your commercial heating costs or to simply learn more about Speedy Flame IHO, call our fuel team today on 0330 123 3773.