Fuel Testing Services to Protect Your Vital Assets

Regular fuel testing is essential to avoid serious damage to your machinery, equipment and the environment from the effects of fuel contamination and diesel bug.

At Speedy Fuels, we can identify and fix the early stages of a problem and reduce the need to replace your fuel, helping to identify the cause of power loss, reduced injector performance, clogged filters and much more.

With a team of industry leading chemists, we can test your fuel at our purpose-built onsite laboratory, allowing us to provide a fast and effective fuel remedial service to help protect your business.

Book your fuel test today for complete peace of mind that your stored fuel is an asset and not a liability

How does fuel testing work?

Our fuel testing services are available nationwide, thanks to our large team of qualified engineers. They will come to your site at an agreed time and take fuel samples from the top, middle and bottom of your tank to determine the condition of your fuel.

Our chemists will test your fuels and oils in our onsite laboratory using cutting-edge technology and provide you with a detailed, yet easy-to-read report and advice on what to do next.

By highlighting any issues in your fuel, we can help save your business from not only unplanned downtime but expensive equipment and machinery replacements too.

fuel testing

Common fuels we test

  • Diesel (DERV)
  • Industrial heating oil (Speedy Flame IHO)
  • Red diesel (gas oil)
  • Kerosene
  • Biofuels
  • Engine oils
  • Transformer oils
  • & more

Why choose Speedy Fuels for fuel testing?

  • Industry leading onsite chemists
  • Nationwide fuel testing
  • Cost-effective remedial service
  • Simple report following testing
  • Specialist support and advice
  • Peace of mind that your business is protected

To rest easy knowing your equipment is running on quality fuel, call 0333 004 0345