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Environmentally Friendly Heating Oil

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Are you looking for an environmentally-friendly heating oil, but don’t know where to start? Here we answer all your questions about Carbon Clean Kerosene.

How does Carbon Clean Kerosene work?

  • Tiny black particles form within your oil tank when it’s not in use
  • Sludge begins to form over time as these particles fall to the bottom of the tank
  • This blocks the filter in the tank and prevents the oil from travelling to the boiler
  • Your boiler tries to work extra hard to keep your house warm and eventually breaks
  • Carbon Clean Kerosene will prevent this problem from occurring

What are the benefits of Carbon Clean Kerosene?

Carbon Clean Kerosene is an environmentally friendly heating oil that lowers the carbon build-up; stabilises fuel; inhibits sludge formation; keeps fuel fresher for longer; reduces service problems and improves system efficiency

What is different about Carbon Clean Kerosene to regular kerosene?

Carbon Clean Kerosene contains a number of added ingredients to prevent the fuel from degrading overtime and the black particles from forming in the first place.

Can Carbon Clean Kerosene and regular kerosene be mixed?

Carbon Clean is best used on its own. However, it can be mixed with regular kerosene and won’t cause any damage to your tank.

Do I need a new boiler?

Carbon Clean has been trialed and tested and meets all boiler manufacturer guidelines. It also meets the BS2869C2 standard.

If I purchase Carbon Clean, can I extend my boiler service intervals?

Although Carbon Clean Kerosene is an environmentally friendly heating oil and improves your boiler efficiency, we still recommend having your boiler serviced once per year.

Will very cold or very hot weather affect Carbon Clean Kerosene?

Carbon Clean Kerosene will not be affected by extremes of weather, in fact this fuel will remain fresher for longer in very hot temperatures.

Does Carbon Clean Kerosene have a higher energy content?

No, Carbon Clean Kerosene has the same energy content as regular kerosene.

I normally use Topanol will Carbon Clean Kerosene do the same job?

They are similar. However, Carbon Clean Kerosene contains many other components that will improve boiler efficiency and reduce the risk of boiler breakdown.

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