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Domestic Heating Oil

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Numerous households through the UK lacking access to the natural gas network rely on supplies of domestic heating oil to heat their households. Heating oil is likewise used by smaller commercial clients, notably, with demand focused in the farming sector.

Generally, UK central heating oil demand is about 3.7 million tonnes for each year with domestic demand accounting for some 60%. Demand is seasonal with about two-thirds of central heating oil used up between October and March.

Domestic heating oil is considered the most cost-effective fuel for central heating, as it burns clean and upholds a high heat production. Kerosene is main oil used for domestic heating. It is used with other systems to control the temperature of a building, the entire system is usually known as a boiler. The main function of domestic heating oil is to supply heat to the inside of a building.

The recent severe weather conditions have considerably disrupted the delivery of central heating oil to clients across the UK. The severe weather conditions, notably, low temperatures and substantial snow, has produced considerable disturbance to street networks which has affected providers’ ability to make deliveries mainly to more isolated areas away from the planned road system. However, at Speedy Fuels we worked hard to meet the demand and reduce the backlog, even though the conditions were sometimes dangerous.

We are very pleased with the results of our first few months and are now looking forward to what the rest of the year holds for Speedy Fuels.

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