Fuel tank decommissioning services

Speedy Fuels are proud to offer some of the UK’s most innovative fuel tank decommissioning services, with a range of tailored solutions designed to meet the varying needs of our customers.

We can decommission your fuel tanks in a number of ways, including methods that are permanent or fully reversible depending on your requirements. These include:

  • Foam filling
  • Permanent filling
  • Tank removal

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What is fuel tank decommissioning?

Fuel tank decommissioning is the process by which old, damaged or redundant fuel tanks are made safe through degassing before being filled or removed to prevent re-gassing over time. It can be performed with tanks of all types, including metal and plastic tanks that are situated above or below-ground.

What is degassing?

Degassing is an essential part of any tank decommissioning, and safely removes volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the tank and connected pipework. It ensures that the tank contains no hydrocarbons or potentially explosive vapours before it is filled or removed, typically through the oxidisation of those compounds into water vapour and carbon dioxide.

Fuel tank decommissioning with Speedy Fuels

We undertake the fuel tank decommissioning process with our customers’ needs in mind, and will agree and execute an end-to-end solution that meets those requirements with minimal disruption.

This includes an in-depth assessment of your site and its surroundings, as well as your tanks and any associated pipework. We will then discuss the best way to decommission the tank, whether that be through permanent solutions such as removing or filling the tank with concrete or by reversible methods like filling it with specially-designed RG22 foam.

Our tank decommissioning services

Foam filling

Foam filling is a type of fuel tank decommissioning that is flexible, safe and completely reversible. This is useful if you have a tank onsite that you may need to use again in the future, which makes permanent filling or removal inappropriate solutions.

Our specially-designed hard foam product, RG22, has a number of properties that make it the perfect reversible tank decommissioning tool. It’s light enough that it won’t prevent the tank’s removal in the future, but also provides reinforcement that allows the tank to withstand external damage. Plus, unlike other filling materials such as concrete, the tank doesn’t need to be degassed, as RG22 will absorb any remaining hydrocarbons which renders your tank safe and inert.

It’s one of the least disruptive methods of decommissioning your fuel tank and is completely reversible – if you need to begin using the tank again, our expert engineers can remove the foam and get your tank back to working order. 

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Permanent filling

Permanent filling typically involves the degassing of the fuel tank and then filling it with concrete, which renders the tank inoperable. This process isn’t reversible, unlike foam filling, and is typically used for older below-ground commercial fuel tanks.

Tank removal

We can remove your old and disused tanks from your site and dispose of them in line with all applicable legislation.

Whether you operate a business with large commercial tanks or are a domestic customer with a small plastic tank, we’re able to safely degas your redundant infrastructure and remove it from your site with minimal disruption.

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