WHICH IS CHEAPEST – Heating Oil or Gas?

An independent analysis on the cost of oil vs gas heating has been conducted. The price gap among oil and gas has lessened  compared to 12 months before. Sutherland Tables conducted this analysis. The rate of providing gas heating and warm water for a three bedroom home has increased by 7% since last year. While the rate of oil central heating has experienced a 2% increase in the same period.

OFTEC’s director General Jeremey Hawskley commented on the data. He said ‘this is brilliant news for oil central heating consumers. Most rural areas don’t have access to gas. So they will really benefit from the smaller gap’.

What Is The Price Difference Between Oil And Gas Central Heating?

The price of oil central heating is currently about 33% cheaper than LPG. It is also 11% cheaper than electrical heating. Oil is likewise 5% cheaper than an air source pump system providing radiators with heat. Consequently oil boiler transactions are up 23% on 2012.

OFTEC have recently started their Oilsave campaign. They are advising householders to cut back on their oil bills by upgrading their panels. They should also convert from orthodox to carbon reducing boilers. Fuel bills can be decreased by substituting an old boiler with a high proficiency one.

It is estimated that fuel bills  will decrease by nearly 20% and considerably reduce carbon. OFTEC considers that the greatest way we can transfer to low carbon warmth is to incentivise reducing boiler transactions as has been done in Northern Ireland. They then plan to transfer to mix heating systems that combine oil with either air source pumps or solar panels – or both.

Where To Buy Cheap Home Heating Oil

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