With the ever changing winters we have here in the UK, we can never be too sure if we’re in line for one of those mild winters where we’re left amused when the bookies are still pushing the notion of a white Christmas.

Then of course, we have those winters like the one we experienced thanks to the ‘beast from the east’. Many people were caught out and found themselves struggling to arrange a fuel delivery as oil companies across the UK found themselves so busy.

Order central heating oil early to save money

As we’ve seen over the years, waiting until your oil storage tanks are low isn’t always the best way to manage your heating oil supply. But it may also surprise you to learn that by ordering earlier in the year when there is less demand. You could also potentially make savings on your heating oil.

As so, rather than waiting until winter comes, now is the perfect time to order your home heating oil before winter begins and hits its peak. Refilling your tank in the autumn is best as you usually means you’ll stand a better chance of getting the best prices.

Check your oil storage tanks regularly

If your oil storage tank is low right and you’ve not checked it in quite some time. Now would be a good time to take advantage of this and take a good look inside your storage tank before putting more oil in there. Once your storage tank is refilled, it can be difficult to spot anything that may be causing problems.

Over time your storage tank can experience all kinds of problems if water manages to mix with the oil. The problem is, the water will sink to the bottom of the tank making it difficult to spot when your oil tank is full.

The walls and the roof of your oil tank can condensate because of the heat differences during the summer. This can cause water droplets to form and drip into the oil. Rain can also get into your tank from damaged lids or vents. Therefore, it’s important that you check your tank before refilling.

The sludge in the bottom of the tank will be disturbed when fresh oil is pumped in. This is when the criticisms about the quality of the oil start to pour in.

Particles and flakes of rust can fall into the oil if you have a metal tank. The metal can be eroded by the water in the tank leading to contamination in the tank.

The oil can struggle to get to the pipes if the water freezes during the cold winter weather. This can cause all sorts of problems as water will now be entering your boiler.

If you believe you’re experiencing any of these issues, give our specialist team a call on 0330 123 3773 for help and advice before your next heating oil order, which will make it easier to check and diagnose any problems.

You may also be interested in our advice on our blog where we shared 10 tips that will help you ensure your home or business is winter ready.

How can I spot contamination in my heating oil tank?

Contamination and water will be easy to spot now that the levels of oil in tank should be quite low. It is also wise to check for wear, cracks and damage to your tank.

If you’ve got water in your tank, the best option is to have the water pumped out. If you suspect contamination in your oil storage tank, call and speak to our experts today on 0330 123 3773 to learn more about how we could help you.

Best tips to help you save on your heating oil prices

  • Check your oil storage – have you got any room for a summertime refill? Central heating oil prices are generally at their lowest during summer. However, do not fill your oil tank entirely during warm weather. Oil must have room to breathe.
  • Consider your forthcoming oil necessities now, and look to purchase as much as you can during the summertime months while central heating oil prices are almost always lower than in wintertime.
  • If you need to check that you are dealing with a genuine distributor who adheres to the UKIFDA (UK & Ireland Fuel Distributors Association) Regulations, you can check using the ‘Find a UKIFDA Fuel Distributor’ facility on their website.

If home heating oil prices are out of your budget there is help available

If you have trouble in paying for your entire order beforehand, check out cost-effective methods to help you to do this. Your native credit union might know how to help, and some oil purchasing schemes have a pay-as-you-go option.

If you are struggling to pay for oil, check that you are getting all the assistance that you are entitled to. Your native Citizens’ Advice centre can support you with this.

Check that your oil tank is as safe as it can be against oil robbery. Measures you can take consist of installing a lock, an alarm that goes off if oil drains away rapidly, CCTV and safety lights.

Additional advice is obtainable through the UKIFDA. Ensure that your insurance plan covers your oil container – most household insurance policies do not consist of this in normal cover, you will need to add it as an extra.

Central heating oil prices are lower in Summer

It may sound a little odd to be thinking about buying heating oil during the summer months when most people are wishing they had air conditioning to help keep them cool.

But this is actually an ideal time to buy your heating oil, because demand is low and prices are often far cheaper as a consequence. Best of all, you won’t need to worry about your heating oil supply degrading in the short time it will be stored in anticipation for the winter.

This is simply the case like with many other products, when demand is high, prices will often rise as a consequence. So, you will end up paying more, especially if you have no alternative, but to order at the very last minute before you completely run out.

So, you could potentially save yourself money and beat the almost 2 million other households across the UK who will be ordering their own domestic heating oil top-ups as the temperatures drop and then throughout the winter months.

If you’re unsure where to order from, Speedy Fuels is a good start, but you can also consult OFTEC, who will be able to tell you which suppliers serve your local area. It is important to know which suppliers serve your area, to save you time calling suppliers that aren’t local to you or able to serve your location.

You can call our team today to check and see if we’re able to help you with your central heating oil requirements by calling us on 0330 123 3773.

Negotiate the price of heating oil

Some central heating oil suppliers might try to sell to you at a higher price, so try to negotiate a better price. A good technique is to tell one supplier what you’ve been quoted by another. At the end of the day they want your custom, so they will do their best to match or beat the price.

Buy heating oil in bulk to save money

The more fuel you buy, the more you’ll save by avoiding repeated delivery costs instead of multiple smaller deliveries.

If you would like to discuss your own requirements with our team or request a quote on our competitive central heating oil prices, give our specialists a call today on 0330 123 3773.