What is Heating Oil Used For

Heating oil is a fuel used in many domestic & commercial properties throughout the UK who aren’t connected to the mains gas supply. The estimated number of homes not connected to mains gas in the UK is almost 26 million, so this fuel is needed to help heat homes, schools and factories to name a few places that heating oil is needed.

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heating oil what its used for

What is heating oil?

Heating oil is a fuel oil for burning and heating appliances and with it being a low viscosity fuel, this makes it perfect for heating / burning.

As well as having many industrial purposes, heating oil is also a popular home heating fuel for domestic users. That’s why here at Speedy Fuels, we deliver home heating oil across London and the UK to customers who typically aren’t on the national grid.

Heating oil is also known as:

  • Kero
  • Kerosene
  • Domestic Oil
  • 28 Second Heating Oil
  • Burning Oil

All of these terms represent the perfect heating oil solution for domestic & commercial users.

How to order heating oil from Speedy Fuels

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