Fuel tank lining services

Speedy Fuels’ tank lining services are an innovative solution to ageing tanks that helps to prevent leaks, environmental damage and subsoil contamination.

Tank lining is designed for use in storage situated above and below-ground, making it the perfect service for forecourt operators or businesses with large onsite fuel storage. Plus, as our system uses environmentally-friendly resins and tissues that adhere to any surface, it can be fitted in tanks manufactured in metal, plastic and fibre!

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Why have your tank lined with Speedy Fuels?

  • We can apply the lining in-situ
    With tank lining from Speedy Fuels, there’s no need to excavate below-ground tanks so long as there is existing man-entry. Our skilled and experienced engineers can access your tank to complete the work without major disruption.
  • No need for permits or building works
    As we’re able to confine all works to the interior of your tanks, there’s no need for a lengthy permit application process or extensive (and expensive) building works.
  • Prevents leaks and increases resilience
    The two-wall system increases your tank’s resilience, reducing the risk of leaks and providing additional layers of protection within your tank. Effectively, it’s an internal bund made from resins that your fuel won’t attack, providing mechanical resistance to increase the structural strength of your tank.
  • In-built automatic leak detection system 
    Speedy Fuels’ tank lining system contains an in-built and permanent leak detection system that alerts you to breaches and fuel loss into the interstitial space – it’s even authorised and approved in accordance with the EN-UNE-13160 standard.

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How much does tank lining cost?

The price of tank lining depends entirely on the size of your tank, its condition, location and accessibility. However, it is far cheaper and less disruptive to have your tank lined than to have it replaced – especially if your tank is located below-ground and will require excavation.

How does tank lining work?

The work of lining a tank begins with a full uplift of all existing fuel followed by a degas and a comprehensive clean to provide the best conditions for the lining to adhere to.  

Our engineers will then apply layers of a Refibra-trademarked combination of resin and fibreglass to create the double wall and the interstitial chamber, which also contains the in-built leak detection system. As the lining is monolithic (formed from a single material), there are no forces or stresses that can cause shedding between the outer and inner layers.

This results in a tank that effectively has three layers – the tank itself, plus two layers of resin and fibreglass separated by an interstitial chamber. That’s three layers of protection for your fuels that also safeguard your business against leaks and contamination.

How long does tank lining last?

When deciding to renew your fuel storage with tank lining, we understand that you’re looking to maximise your return on investment. With tank lining from Speedy Fuels, the works are fully accredited and guaranteed by Refibra for up to 10-20 years – making it a cost-effective and far less disruptive alternative to a full tank replacement.

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