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Red Diesel Price 2017

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Price of Red Diesel in 2017

If you’re looking for the best red diesel price in 2017, then you have found the right company. Speedy Fuels will always work hard to get you the very best, and lowest, red diesel prices.

Please give us a quick call now on 0845 271 7007 or please fill out our fuel quote form to get today’s best red diesel price.

red diesel prices 2017

Red Diesel

We can deliver red diesel nationwide on the very same day or a next day delivery option depending on your needs. Below are a few other product’s that we offer at competitive prices here at Speedy Fuels:

If you require any information on the above fuels, please just click their link, and it will take you to the page where you will be able to find out a little more information about that fuel.

Receive today’s latest red diesel price by using our contact form or by calling us now on 0845 271 7007 for more details.

red diesel price 2017

Will 2017 Be A Good Year For Red Diesel Prices?

The price of red diesel has fluctuated over recent years and hasn’t been the easiest thing to predict. 2018 is fast approaching, and red diesel prices are currently meagre in comparison to the previous years.

However, the demand has dropped slightly which will undoubtedly be ideal for current prices of gas oil, yet, as the demand picks up again towards the start of 2018, we’ll probably start to see a slight increase.

Will The Cost Of Red Diesel Change In 2018?

After many red diesel fuel laundering scams were brought to an end throughout this year, it has become evident that HMRC is ready to implement a new dye for red diesel which will significantly reduce the levels of large-scale fuel laundering.

This naturally created a larger cost to the government due to loss of earnings through the tax on red diesel fuel and developing a new dye. The red diesel price in 2017 will more than likely be lower at the start than at the end of the year. However, a lot of commercial fuels prices are extremely unpredictable, and we’ll just have to wait and see.

One thing you can be sure of with our red diesel prices is that you’ll always be getting the best deal around! Give us a call today to see how much you can save on red diesel and more.

Give us a quick call now on 0845 271 7007 to get our best red diesel price today.

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