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Nationwide Red Diesel Suppliers

Red Diesel SuppliersSpeedy Fuels can supply red diesel (gas oil) wherever and whenever you need it. It doesn’t matter where you are in the UK or when you require red diesel, our standard and 24/7 emergency gas oil deliveries are ready and waiting to get you fuelled. Call us now on 0845 271 7007 for the latest red diesel prices.

As red diesel suppliers, Speedy Fuels offer high-quality gas oil for use in construction, farming and several other similar industries.

We started as reputable gas oil distributors to the London area, but we quickly became national red diesel suppliers by offering unbeatable service! We pride ourselves on our reliable local deliveries and nationwide supply of red diesel on a same-day or next-day service when you need it fast.

Please give us a call on 0845 271 7007 or fill in our online quote form.

Bulk Red Diesel and Drums

Red Diesel SupplierWe sell red diesel in small and large quantities ranging from as little as 205-litre barrels to 36,000 litres and over. Our experienced staff will take care of you all the way from the moment you order your fuel to the point of delivery and after.

Our red diesel prices are extremely competitive and offer you an excellent opportunity to save big when you order from us. Utilising our fuel management service will give you added savings and peace of mind. With this completely free service, we can order your gas oil at the best prices, while ensuring a steady red diesel supply so you never run out.

Choosing Speedy Fuels for Your Gas Oil

As one of London’s leading red diesel suppliers, our commitment to a fast and reliable fuel delivery means that 92% of our orders will be delivered to you within 24 hours of purchase. Now that’s Speedy!

Who Can Use Red Diesel?

Red diesel suppliers with the best fuel prices today!Red diesel, also called gas oil, is a fuel which is widely used to operate off-road vehicles and machinery. Examples of these machines and vehicles include tractors, ride-on lawnmowers and diggers. It is also used to heat homes in some areas because it carries a small amount of duty. Using gas oil for any other function could be considered tax evasion and carries a penalty. A fine will be imposed on anyone caught using red diesel for non-working purposes. Please check with HMRC if you are unsure about the usage of your red diesel or speak with us regarding your situation and we’ll help clarify any confusion.

Why the service we offer is second to none:buy red diesel today

    • Out-of-hours delivery service
    • Free fuel management service
    • All of our fuels are delivered on time
    • Over 60 years’ experience
    • Specialists in providing fuel to the London area
    • Fuel delivery based on your requirements
    • Waste fuels can be re-used or recycled
    • Assigned point of contact within Speedy Fuels


How can you order red diesel?

Easy! Call us on 0845 271 7007 or please fill in our online quote form.

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I moved my business over to Speedy Fuels after more than 25 years with Certas Energy who consistently let me down and did not value my business at all. Speedy on the other hand go out of their way to provide a fantastic service with great communication, prices and the willingness to go above and beyond for their customers. I highly recommend this company, it's staff and it's fantastic service
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