When choosing your next heating oil supplier, you would probably want to consider several key factors. This includes whether they can deliver to you within the UK and at short notice, such as via a next day or same day service in the event of any emergency oil delivery requirements. Thankfully, Speedy Fuels is a heating oil supplier with many years of experience within the fuel industry that understands the needs of its customers.

We have a number of supply depots situated strategically around the UK which makes it possible for us to deliver fuel quickly, typically within 24 hours, nationwide.

We can deliver home heating oil in and around the greater London area and for businesses, we can also supply industrial heating oil to the whole of the UK, from our depots strategically located throughout the UK.

Delivering from single 205 litre barrels up to 36,000-litre tankers and more, Speedy Fuels are a heating oil supplier with a fleet of vehicles that can ensure your delivery requirements are met with every order. The following products can be ordered directly from Speedy Fuels:

  • Industrial heating oil – A high-quality oil known as Speedy Flame, blended by Speedy Fuels, available in quantities of 500 – 36,000+ litres. Delivering to premises nationwide
  • Kerosene heating oil – Used primarily for domestic users although this fuel does also have many industrial purposes and is typically bought in 1000 litre orders or more. Delivering to homes across the Greater London area.
  • HVO fuel – A drop-in replacement for white and red diesel that reduces net CO2 emissions by up to 90%
  • Bulk white diesel – Delivered in road tankers from 1,000 to 36,000 litres with smaller 205 litre orders available too.
  • Biodiesel – Sold in bulk with a minimum delivery of 20,000 litres. Biodiesel is used in standard diesel engines, either alone or alongside mineral diesel.
  • CHP (combined heat & power) biofuel – Produced from a high-quality ‘waste fuel’, this biofuel more than meets the European Standards for heating fuels.
  • Carbon clean heating oil – One of many green oils supplied and delivered by Speedy Fuels providing a range of benefits to improve boiler efficiency and reduce heating costs.
  • Lubricants – A wide range of oils and fluids are available including fully synthetic or heavy duty diesel engine oils, metal working fluids, biodegradable or hydraulic oils.

These are just some of the top products available from Speedy Fuels, the nationwide established heating oil suppliers. You can learn more about our full range by visiting our fuels and lubricants page.

If you’d like to discuss your heating oil requirements, give our team a call today on 0330 123 3773 to find out more.