Diesel suppliers

Diesel SuppliersSpeedy Fuels delivers diesel in road tankers and in quantities ranging from 1,000 – 36,000 litres.

We also offer a 24/7 emergency diesel delivery service to all our customers. We have oil depots strategically placed at different sites across the country, enabling us to provide a real nationwide delivery service.

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What is diesel?

Diesel fuel is commonly abbreviated as derv (diesel-engine road vehicle). It is often used as a fuel to power vehicles with a diesel engine. The most common vehicle with a diesel engine is an HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle).  However, some vans and cars also have diesel engines which require derv oil.

Where does our diesel come from?

Our entire diesel supply comes straight from the refinery. We have the ability to trace our products to make sure you get the most effective service for your machinery.

Speedy Fuels’ buying power enables us to negotiate significant savings, which are then passed on to you. We offer competitive prices on a payment plan that suits you.

Benefits of purchasing diesel from Speedy Fuels

Buying diesel fuel from us will provide you with the following advantages:

  • A payment plan that suits your needs
  • Huge savings
  • All fuel delivered within 48 hours
  • A controllable quantity
  • Deliveries to every part of the UK
  • An assigned account manager devoted to offering the best service to you and your business

Call us now on 0845 271 7007 to get today’s latest diesel price or to order fuel.