Carbon Clean Kerosene

carbon clean keroseneAre you looking for a cleaner, more environmentally friendly alternative to regular heating oil?

Our carbon clean heating oil is just one of many green oils and fuels which can be supplied by Speedy Fuels anywhere in the UK.

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Carbon clean heating oil (also known as carbon clean kerosene fuel) is a new heating oil from Speedy Fuels, which has been specifically designed to improve your boiler efficiency. This will help a great deal when it comes to reducing your heating costs.

Purchasing carbon clean kerosene will offer you the following benefits:

  • Lowers the build-up of carbon
  • No more kerosene smell – carbon clean kerosene is fragrance enhanced
  • Lowers the build-up of sludge, giving you a cleaner system
  • Optimised burner performance, leading to greater fuel efficiency
  • Lower risk of boiler breakdown
  • Emits less CO2 emissions
  • Safe to use

How using carbon clean kerosene will reduce your carbon footprint

  1. Carbon clean kerosene is designed to avoid common problems that occur in boiler systems
  2. By avoiding these problems, you will lower your fuel consumption
  3. Lower fuel usage will mean less CO2 emitted into the atmosphere
  4. Less CO2 means that fewer trees need to be planted to absorb it
  5. The environment becomes cleaner

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How carbon clean kerosene works

  • The role of normal kerosene is to provide heating via a boiler that maintains a constant room temperature
  • Over time a number of oxidant deposits build-up in the boiler making it more difficult for energy to pass through
  • In order to maintain the same temperature, the boiler will burn more fuel when these deposits appear
  • Carbon clean kerosene has a number of anti-oxidants added to it to prevent this problem from occurring
  • Carbon clean kerosene is designed to keep your boiler clean

If you want to do your bit to help the environment, consider switching to carbon clean kerosene today.

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