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Oil Tanks – Know Your Fitments

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This article explains the different fitments on your tank and what they do.

Oil tanks come in all shapes and sizes.


Fill Point

This is a threaded pipe that the delivery driver connects onto to fill oil tanks.


This is a means of releasing the vapour and air from oil tanks into the air when the tank is being refilled. It’s important to keep vent outlets clear to allow a free passage of air in and out of the tank.

Contents Gauge

This is a device that indicates the quantity of oil in the tank. Gauges can be wireless, visual or manual. The reading may be seen at the tank, next to the tank or at a remote location.

Isolation Valve

Also known as the service valve, this fitting shuts off the oil supply from the tank. Normally found at the outlet of the oil tanks.

Overfill Alarm

A device to avoid oil from overfilling, it can either be an audio or visual alarm. Some also stop any more oil from entering the tank.


An area around the container designed to hold any loss of oil to stop pollution. It can be contrived as part of an integrally-bund container or constructed separately to the container. The bund will hold at least 110% of the tank’s contents; this is to allow for any rain water mixing with the oil. A bund is a legal requirement for some businesses.

Supply Pipework

Oil supply pipes can be plastic or steel protected to prevent corrosion.  Piping installed above ground ought to be maintained by purpose-made clasps and attached to stable structures. Subversive pipework ought to be secure from physical or inadvertent damage and its path marked with a cautionary tape. If aiding a non-domestic application, it ought to incorporate a leak-detection facility. Any underground mechanical joints should be accessible for inspection.



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