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Oil prices are high, but don’t break the law

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Red diesel, also known as gas oil, heating oil and tractor diesel, is for off-road use and is widely used in machinery across agricultural, marine, rail and construction industries.

It’s similar to white diesel, in that it still produces nitrogen dioxide. But there are two distinguishing factors…

  • It’s bright red – the dye is added to make it more easily identifiable so HMRC can test for its use. Once used, it is almost impossible to remove.
  • It’s a hell of a lot cheaper – there is a lower fuel tax duty required to pay on it as it’s a heavily rebated fuel.

Oil prices are high, but don't break the law

Clearing up the confusion

Red diesel comes with a shed load of guidelines that you may not be aware of, so let’s clear a few things up.

White diesel, also recognised as DERV and ULSD, is the fuel that is sold at your local petrol station to power your road vehicle.

It’s not shy of the media recently, with prices at their peak since 2014. According to the BBC, the RAC suggested that a “punitive combination” of higher crude oil prices and a weaker pound are both to blame.

So, one might ask…

Can I put red diesel in my car to avoid heavy costs?

Red diesel is cheaper than regular because it’s intended solely for off-road use in agricultural, marine, rail and construction industries to power vehicles and machinery. So if your vehicle has a tax disk and is driven on public roads, don’t be tempted to fill up with red because this is actually considered a tax evasion and you will in fact be breaking the law.

The dye is almost impossible to remove once used, so if HMRC suspect anything, there’s no hiding! Penalties include a hefty fine or even worse, your vehicle being detained.

How do I buy red diesel?

Remember, red diesel is for business use only. You don’t need a licence but you will need to sign an RDCO when purchasing.

With price increases inevitable, having someone to manage your fuel needs will give you peace of mind and take the hassle away. Our white diesel (DERV) is derived straight from the refinery with full traceability, meaning it’s at the best price on the market.

To order your diesel now, call us on 0330 123 5665 for a speedy, reliable delivery.

Taking the stress away

Speedy Fuels offers Fuel Management Services to monitor your supplies and arrange deliveries to make sure you never run out! Most importantly, if you’ve chosen Speedy Fuels as your supplier, our fuel management service is completely free.

Our deep knowledge of the fuel market will secure you the best prices on offer, with fuel that is strategically in line with your demands. Our widespread position across the UK, with over 800 oil tankers at our disposal, means we are ready to reach you in hours, whenever and wherever you are.

Need to order red diesel or white or want to talk to somebody about your requirements? Call us today on 0330 123 5665 for today’s latest prices.

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