Why choose Speedy Fuels for your nationwide oil delivery?

Speedy Fuels has a range of oil delivery services available including a same day or next day delivery.

When you need oil deliveries the most, we can come to the rescue with our 24 hour delivery service and 92% of our orders fulfilled within 24 hours. If you have unexpectedly run out of fuel we can provide you with emergency oil delivery service to ensure you receive fuel in just a few hours.

Call us today on 0330 123 3773 to speak with our team of fuel delivery advisors to arrange your nationwide oil delivery.

Here are some of the benefits for choosing our oil deliveries:

  • Emergency delivery service – 24/7 deliveries including outside working hours, any day at any time
  • Nationwide oil deliveries – Over 800 tankers are strategically positioned to help deliver our fuel quickly, through the UK
  • Quality oil products – We ensure only the finest quality fuels and lubricants are supplied with every order
  • Long payment terms – Flexible payment terms to help spread the cost over time
  • High level of service – We take great pride in delivering an outstanding level of customer service with each call and have highly trained account managers who are here to help

Our oil delivery includes a range of products including red diesel (gas oil), standard white diesel, industrial heating oil, kerosene and lubricants. With Speedy Fuels, you’ll receive your very own dedicated account manager who is ready to take your call and help you make a speedy decision. With a wealth of experience when it comes to fuels and lubricants, they will work with you to ensure your requirements are met at all times.

We regularly carry out oil deliveries regardless of your site’s location and offer a fuel top-up service to help you ensure you never run out of fuel.

Nationwide oil deliveries

Speedy Fuels has carried out a range of oil deliveries to many different industries to keep businesses running smoothly and homes warm all year round.

Popular industries we work with include construction, civil engineering and related trades, mining or quarrying, shipping, aviation, food preparation, transportation, Ministry of Defence, national or local governments and leisure industries too.

If you have any queries on our oil and fuel products or would like to place an order, call our fuel experts today on %tel%