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7 Oil Tank Fittings You Need to Avoid a Spillage

As a fuel user, it’s hugely important to be familiar with your tank’s condition and its capacity to avoid a spillage. This blog provides a basic understanding of the different oil tank fittings and what they do. Oil tanks come in … Read more

7 Easy Steps to Mark Earth Day, Including Green Fuels

With Earth Day approaching, it’s a gentle reminder to be a little kinder to our planet and the perfect opportunity to reflect on your carbon footprint and its environmental impact. This blog looks at what steps you can take to … Read more

Farm Fuels & Agricultural Oils for Tractors & more

Nationwide delivery of farm fuels for your agricultural business… As a farm or agricultural business that relies on a steady supply of fuels and lubricants. You’ll be well aware of the importance of partering with a supplier able to deliver … Read more

Red Diesel in Data Centers – Fuelling a Digital World

Here at Speedy Fuels, our fuel supply of red diesel and DERV doesn’t just reach out to the agricultural, construction, marine and horticultural industries. With the rise of the internet and the need for cloud services and hosting, added to … Read more

Get organised this ‘National Clean Out Your Inbox Week’

If you work in an office, it’s likely you’re not alien in feeling overwhelmed by your email inbox that is non-stop inundated with notifications. In the business world, email is the “go to” form of communication; without it, we’d be … Read more