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Fuelling A Digital World – Telecoms & Data Centres

Fuelling A Digital World – Telecoms & Data Centres Here at Speedy Fuels, our fuel supply of red diesel and DERV doesn’t just reach out to the agricultural, construction, marine and horticultural industries. With the rise of the internet and … Read more

Bio-Fuels: Are they just a load of old rubbish?

What are Bio-Fuels and should you be using them Over the last 10-20 years bio-fuel, bio-diesel and biomass have all made greater attempts to become household names for alternative fuels and their production, however only recently have these fuels and … Read more

Central heating Oil Prices – Top Tips

Best Tips To Help You Save on Your Heating Oil Prices Check your oil storage – have you got any room for a summertime refill? Central heating oil prices are generally at their lowest during summer. However, do not fill … Read more