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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Biodiesel Tanks

Biodiesel Tanks? Our bunded biodiesel tanks are available in a variety of sizes. A bunded fuel tank can help your company reduce your carbon footprint. If any oil manages to spill or leak from your tank it can cause an … Read more

Using Red Diesel For Gritting – Will It Become Legal?

Last week HMRC announced that Farmers would be allowed to grit roads using their vehicles and machinery that are powered by red diesel. This is the second time this year that HMRC have lifted their ban on rebated fuel, after … Read more

Oil Tank Security – Tips on Keeping Your Oil Safe

Below is a list of our recommendations on oil tank security. We have looked at the most common ways that oil is being stolen from oil tanks in the UK and have put together the “oil tank security” list below. We … Read more