Heating Oil

Read our list of the top four things you should do to reduce your home heating oil consumption. Believe it or not but because London and South-East England are very close to continental Europe, snow is more likely to fall there than in other urban areas in the UK.

All homeowners are concerned about their home heating oil consumption, especially in the months of winter, as everyone wants their home to be comfortable and warm over the festive period. However, making a few changes to your normal routine can decrease your home heating oil consumption. Here are four things you can do to lower your energy usage.

Keeping Your Boiler in Good Shape Will Decrease Home Heating Oil Consumption

Make sure your boiler is serviced and inspected on an annual basis. This will make sure that you keep your costs down and you will spot any problems early so you can nip them in the bud.

Window Actions

Heat your home during the day when the sun is out by leaving your curtains and blinds open. You can actually lose heat through your windows if you leave the curtains open at night, so it’s important to close them once darkness sets in.

Thermostat Controller

When you are away from home for the day or a weekend, it might be a good idea to get a programmable thermostat to keep the temperatures in check. You can save a bit of energy by lowering the temperature of your thermostat. Your bill could see a big difference even if you reduce it by a couple of degrees.

Check For Leakages

Check entrances and gaps to ensure that there aren’t any air leakages. Make sure that cold air isn’t entering your home by sealing and re-sealing any cracks in windows or doors. This will ensure that you decrease your home heating oil consumption.

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