Red diesel storage regulations are influenced by a number of different factors. These include the location and the age of the diesel tanks. Users of red diesel can become a little anxious as they know a whole host of environmental problems can be caused by incorrect red diesel storage.

Your environmental regulator should be able to provide you personalised advice when it comes to red diesel storage. However, for a general overview of the regulations, please read this blog post.

Red Diesel Storage – Who Has To Comply With the Guidelines

The rules on storing red diesel differ in each country in the UK. All tanks need to comply with the regulations unless they meet the criteria set out below.

Northern Ireland

If your tank was connected prior to 2003 and its maximum volume is below 1,250 litres.

Wales & England

A tank with a full volume of 1,500 litres or that was connected prior to 1991.

In Scotland, all oil tanks have to comply with regulations, regardless of age or capacity.

If your oil storage facilities pose an environmental threat then an environmental regulator may request that you make some changes to your site.

What Happens If You’re Storing Red Diesel Incorrectly?

Out of respect for your local environment, you should try to meet the requirements of the oil storage regulations, even if you have been exempt from complying with them. You’ll be issued a fine and possibly face a court appearance if you have been found to neglect the oil storage regulations. One of the main dangers of incorrect fuel storage is water pollution.

Mobile Bowsers – Do The Same Rules Apply?

Mobile bowsers in England and Scotland still need to comply with the same oil storage guidelines as set out by DEFRA.

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