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Kerosene – Heating Oil

Kerosene, also known as heating oil or paraffin in the UK and Ireland, is used mostly in heating homes. This is due to the reason that many homes in Ireland and in the UK are still not connected to the gas pipeline network.

Kerosene The History

Kerosene is a fuel use for many purposes to include powering of jet engines, heating and it has even been used to fuel some rocket engines. From its humble beginning in 1854 when it was registered as a trademark by Abraham Gesner in 1854 kerosene has grown into a massively used product all over the world.

Kerosene Consumption

It is estimated that 1.3 million barrels of kerosene are burnt every single day throughout the world.

Kerosene Delivery

Even if you live in a remote location, we are able to deliver your kerosene. We can deliver kerosene in 205-litre barrels and from 500-36,000 litres using one of our baby tankers right up to an artic truck! and we have 25 of these, so you can be sure we are able to deliver the amount of kerosene you require.

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