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London Fuel Thefts – Hounslow Named Worst Area

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Fuel Thefts in London

London Fuel thefts are most common in the Hounslow area, according to new statistics released the Metropolitan Police.

Only 5 people have been charged with London fuel thefts in the area since 2009. Fuel has been stolen from 175 vehicles in that time. Therefore, trying to catch the culprits is proving difficult.

Other areas that have a high number of London fuel thefts, include; Merton, Southwark, Lewisham and Greenwich.

To reduce the number of fuel theft, police have recommended that drivers of HGVs to park their vehicles in areas with CCTV and good lighting.

Due to its proximity to London City Centre and Heathrow Airport there are many haulage vehicles in Hounslow, which the police have confirmed the majority of victims are.

The London are witnessed a total of 580 fuel thefts in 2011. This fell slightly in 2012, with only 510 cases being reported across the capital. However, this figure is one third higher than it was 3 years ago, as in 2009 only 389 reports where made in London.

Fuel thefts have also been reported in broad daylight. One motorist from Thornton Heath spoke to the BBC about his car being targeted. He said it was disrespectful and caused him a great deal of inconvenience.

Thieves are also causing damage to vehicles to get the fuel. If they can’t access the fuel through the cap, they will drill into the fuel tank directly.

The AA has confirmed that fuel theft is definitely on the increase. On average, they are called out to a fuel theft once per week.

Activists lobbying the government to lower the price of fuel have said the problem will only escalate if the price is not reduced.

In London, petrol prices are approximately £1.48 per litre.

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