HVO Fuel / Biodiesel (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil)

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Why Choose Speedy Fuels For Your HVO Fuel?

As one of the UK’s leading HVO fuel suppliers, we have both the knowledge and experience to ensure that you get only the best service from purchase to delivery. Our promises include:

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What Is HVO Fuel?

HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) is a diesel product made from vegetable oils and fats.

It has similar characteristics to biodiesel, although the creation process is slightly different. The formulation of HVO involves a hydrogen-based catalyst, while regular biodiesel uses methanol.

It is an environmentally friendly, clean-burning fuel which has a longer shelf life than biodiesel.

Why Is HVO Fuel Becoming So Popular?

One of the main issues facing biodiesel producers is the shelf life of the fuel. Because the oxygen can’t be removed from the fuel during the esterification process, it increases the chances of it becoming contaminated. This means that it needs to be monitored regularly in order to avoid potential contamination.

When HVO is produced, it involves a hydrogenation process rather than esterification. This means that all of the oxygen is removed from the fuel, which enables it to last a lot longer than biodiesel. This is why many companies are switching to HVO – they can get a reliable fuel while helping to protect the environment at the same time.

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* Speedy Fuels HVO fuel complies with BS EN 15940 being the British Standard for paraffinic diesel fuel which is a new generation of cleaner transport fuel for use in road vehicles. If your vehicle is still within the manufacturer`s warranty or if you have taken out mechanical breakdown insurance, we recommend you check with the manufacturer or insurer that use of our product will not affect your cover. We cannot be held responsible for any issues with your vehicle connected to its age or pre-existing condition.