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Why Halloween Decorations are a great business motivator

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Halloween decorations can be a fantastic motivator for your staff! So, step back if you’re in denial about the topic and read up on the reasons why halloween decorations can motivate your team?

A lot of people love the festive season as it is, without the need for decorations. It’s exciting, it’s fun and it reminds us of a simpler time where work, bills and responsibilities weren’t in the picture.

But why specifically are Halloween decorations a great business motivator?


Halloween decorations colours boost productivity

When you think Halloween, the main colours that come to mind are green and orange.

Orange is considered an energetic colour that brings to mind feelings of enthusiasm, excitement and warmth – All of which are a big plus when it comes to job motivation.

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Green is also a great colour to boost productivity as it is often perceived as stress relieving and calming. That is why they have “Green Rooms” for actors in between sets and modern offices have a tendency to have areas of artificial grass.

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Add an element of fun to your working day

Making Halloween decorations such as pumpkins can be a great little break away from your desk – especially if there’s a competition involved.

No matter how much you love your work, science has proven that little regular breaks can increase productivity. So why not get your team to decorate the office so the physical activity can recharge, motivate and stimulate them for when they get back to work?

A seasonal activity like pumpkin carving is perfect for this, as it doesn’t take long and everyone can get involved!

Team building

Why not use Halloween decorations as team building exercise?

Get each employee or department to decorate their work space and get the managers to judge the entries. This will encourage bonding across teams as they ask each other what they have up their sleeves and get competitive over who’s looks best.

Plus, this will give you some great coverage on social media as your staff share their efforts with the world!


Making the most of the festive period is a must if your business is focused within the creative sector. Seasonal events are an easy point of inspiration, so use it to its fullest!

Besides, there is only a certain amount of time that you can concentrate, so it pays to take little breaks to give creativity a boost or point us in a new direction if we’re stuck. A step back in the form of some Halloween related activities could be exactly what you need.

Looking for a productive way to use your new-found motivation?

Get organised, get motivated, stay on top of your business. THAT is a great way to use your new-found motivation!

So, why not organise your next fuel delivery with Speedy Fuels whilst you’re all pumped up and have one less bit of stress to have to deal with?

Call 03300 275 724 today and speak to a member of the Speedy Fuels team.

Share what you’re doing to motivate staff this Halloween

We’d love to hear about what you’re doing to motivate staff this Halloween!

That’s why we want YOU to share a pic or video of what you’ve been up to with hashtag, #HalloweenMotivation. Let’s help other businesses stay motivated this Halloween!

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