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Get organised this ‘National Clean Out Your Inbox Week’

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If you work in an office, it’s likely you’re not alien in feeling overwhelmed by your email inbox that is non-stop inundated with notifications. In the business world, email is the “go to” form of communication; without it, we’d be lost. Now we don’t mean to sound like a Debbie Downer (it is January after all), but if you don’t get on top of your emails early on, it’s only going to get worse… and worse, and worse.

But there’s some good news after all. This week (22-28 January) is National Clean Out Your Inbox Week. So, without sounding cheesy and jumping on the “New Year, New Me” bandwagon, it’s time to start the year with a fresh, clear mind. And it’s not just your inbox that needs organising. It’s time to look at your whole office antics so you can face the year head on.

2019 New Year

New Year, Clean Start

An email inbox can either be a place of joy or a place of horror, all depending on your organisational skills. Chances are, it’s acting as an abandoned box of stuff in the bottom of your wardrobe. You’re aware it desperately needs some TLC, but the thought of even attempting to tackle it is overwhelming to say the least. Who has 10 zillion hours spare anyway?

But it doesn’t have to take up a significant amount of time to get your inbox organised, in fact, it’s quite easy:

  • Select conversation mode – This mode automatically groups emails together that are linked by the same subject in one single headline. Simply click “Show as Conversations”.
  • Create email folders – It’s the same concept as regular filing but digitally. That way, you can save a huge amount of time trying to find that one email from last year!
  • Hit delete – It’s a risky button, but it’s a great way to clear out your inbox! Newsletters, mailing lists, junk, the lot of it. It’s all irrelevant and it doesn’t need to be there. Get rid!
  • Even better, unsubscribe! – All companies are required to have an “opt out” button, usually found at the bottom of the page. Don’t worry, if you suffer from “unsubscribers remorse” they’ll be happy to have you sign up again. There’s no restrictions!
  • Pick up the phone –  it’s likely faster and it will avoid several unnecessary emails. You can then follow it up with one simple email after for a paper trace!

Back stuff up

Fast-forward to a few months’ time when you’re super busy, and you drop your phone down the toilet or your laptop gets a virus. What if you haven’t backed everything up? We’ve all been there.

If you work for a relatively large enterprise, then chances are, the IT department does that already for all employees, so you needn’t worry about a thing. But for a smaller outfit or for your personal devices, a Cloud backup is simply an information lifeline to make sure everything is safe for the year ahead.

Now we’re not talking about those fluffy white things up in the sky, we mean the software and services that run on the internet, rather than locally on your PC. Examples include Google Drive, Apple iCloud and Microsoft OneDrive.

Cloud technology has revolutionised the way small companies run in the last 30 years. It’s cost-effective, innovative and agile, allowing businesses to access real-time data and applications from any location at any time on any mobile device.

“Cloud technology has empowered businesses to run better, faster and more effectively than ever, providing small enterprises with the tools to simplify and streamline all aspects of their business – from cloud-based accounting and email marketing to document storage and backup” says The Guardian.

Whatever your system, whatever the device, there’s always a way to back it up, and we promise that you won’t need to be a tech-whizz to get it done.

Have a digital clear up

Every morning, you waste a fair few minutes whilst your PC decides to turn on or do an update, and then another few minutes for your email inbox to update. Sound familiar?

National Clean Out Your Inbox Week is the perfect time to have a clear out and free up some memory space. Try arranging files in size order and deleting the biggest ones first (assuming you don’t still need them!). Getting rid of video files or out-of-date presentations will help make way for new ideas.

Even better, have a disk clean up if your admin permissions allow it, or get IT to do it for you. That way, your PC will fire up the first time and you can tackle the day head on.

Have a physical clear up

“Clear desk, clear mind”. That’s not a wise ancient Chinese proverb or anything, just a bit of common sense. Use National Clean Out Your Inbox Week to clear out your desk drawers and have a good tidy up. Mentally, it will feel like you’re starting the year with less on your late. Plus, having more space and less clutter is often cited as a way to feel less anxious and be more productive.

Use ‘National Clean Out Your Inbox’ week to simply make life easier

What are your most time-consuming jobs? Could you complete them now, or at least put measures in place to make the process easier?

For example, if you do the weekly staff rotas and are still doing it manually, utilise an app, website or Excel that could help you free up a significant amount of time and brain space.

Similarly, who purchases your fuel?

If you’re responsible for monitoring and buying your supply in the likes of red diesel, white diesel, kerosene or industrial heating oil, when you don’t have the time to keep on top of it?

Here at Speedy Fuels, when you purchase your fuel from our friendly team of advisers, you can opt in to our free fuel management service which means that we’ll keep on top of your fuel usage for you.

You’ll have your very own Account Manager who will know your business inside out, so they can provide top-ups when needed, so you’ll never run dry of fuel again!

To discuss your fuel or lubricants requirements or to learn more about our fuel management service. Give our team a call today on 0330 123 5665 to learn more.

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