Gas Oil: What is it and What Does it Do?

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ON this page, you’ll find out a little more about gas oil which will hopefully help you to better understand more about gas oil, including where it comes from, what it is, and what appliances use it.

Where does gas oil come from?

Gas oil comes from crude oil. The crude oil that is pumped out of the ground is a black liquid, known as petroleum. Depending on the way that the crude oil is distilled, a variety of fuels can be made. Please see the illustration below for a more detailed view of how gas oil and different fuels are made from crude oil.

how gas oil is made from crude oil

Now that we have learnt how gas oil is made from crude oil, let’s learn exactly what it is:

What is gas oil?

Gas oil (also popularly known as red diesel) is the same fuel as normal road diesel but with one difference. Gas oil has been given a red marker dye so VOSA or the police can easily trace the fuel if it’s being misused. This is important, given that it pays a much lower tax than the diesel you buy at the petrol station.

Gas oil is intended to be used in construction, farming, and heating. It should not be used in vehicles that use public roads. If you did use the fuel on a public road, this could possibly lead to a prison sentence or a hefty fine.

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Now we know where gas oil comes from, it’s time to learn who uses it.

Which types of industries use gas oil?

One of the main users of gas oil is the construction sector, with excavators, generators, cranes, dumper trucks and lots of other machines & vehicles. The sheer number of uses in construction gives you an idea of how much fuel the typical construction site will use.

Another common sector is the agricultural industry who use gas oil. With farmers using many different machines and vehicles on a farm, these will mostly be powered by gas oil. But don’t think it’s used to fuel just tractors and combine harvesters; farmers have grain dryers and heaters that need powering too.

Another sector which you might not normally think of is the smelting industry. They use gas oil to power their furnaces which melt the metals. These need lots of fuel to get the heat up to the required temperatures.

One more sector which doesn’t usually spring to mind is data centres who use gas oil to power generators. These need fuel for their backup generators in case they have a power failure and want to avoid hard drives and computers shutting down. In this instance, gas oil is absolutely essential for a smooth running of services.

Hopefully, the information on this page has answered many of the questions you may have had about gas oil.

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