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No matter which fuels or lubricants you need here at Speedy Fuels we will be able to supply them to you. We have in-house chemists who will be able to blend the fuel or lubricants you require. Please give us a quick call now on 0845 271 7007, and one of our team will be more than happy to assist you.

fuel & lubricants supplier londonSpeedy Fuels are a fuel & lubricants supplier based in London. We offer the same and next day delivery on all our fuels and lubricants throughout the UK. All at low prices and the highest quality fuels & lubricants.

We also offer nationwide fuel & lubricant delivery on the same and next day; this helps if you have other offices or sites through the UK, who might need the fuels and lubricants we have to offer..


Why Buy Fuels or Lubricants from Speedy Fuels?

  • Same or Next Day Nationwide Fuel Deliveries
  • Low Priced Fuels & Lubricants
  • Long Payment Terms
  • High-Quality Fuels & Lubricants
  • Superb Customer Support

Should you require, diesel, red diesel, fuels or lubricants and your business falls into one of the industry sectors below then, please get in touch for a low quote. If your industry isn’t listed below, but you need any of our products or services, please call 0845 271 7007 to speak with one of our account managers.

  • Construction, civil engineering, and related trades
  • Plant and equipment hire
  • National/local government
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Transport (rail, road and inland waterways)
  • Shipping
  • Aviation
  • Manufacturing and production industry
  • Quarrying and mining
  • Agriculture
  • Food production
  • Leisure industries

Here at Speedy Fuels we also offer the below products:

If you require any of the above products, please click the name of the fuel you are interested in, and this will take you to the relevant page.

Thanks again for visiting Speedy Fuels today, and we hope we can be of service to you in the very near future.

If you would like to learn a little more about our company then please click hereAbout Speedy Fuels