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Ensure that your business operations are up to scratch with a free Speedy Site Audit – worth £995.

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What is a Speedy Site Audit?

A Speedy Site Audit is effectively the stitch in time that saves nine. Our experienced technicians will identify any fuel-related issues on your site(s) to help prevent any problems before they happen, including detailed information on stored fuel quality and the regulatory compliance of your tanks.

This includes:

  • Fuel & lubricant sampling, testing & analysis
  • Surveying onsite access for safe delivery and maintenance access
  • OFTEC-standard testing of tanks, pipework, pumps and other related infrastructure
  • Documentation and photographic evidence of our findings and any remedial actions required

It’s entirely non-disruptive and non-destructive, and can be performed at a time that’s most convenient for you.

So what are you waiting for? Book your free Speedy Site Audit today and bulletproof your business.