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Diesel Fuel Trivia

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Benefits of purchasing diesel in bulk from Speedy Fuels

Buying diesel fuel in bulk from us will provide you with the following advantages:

  • Extended payment terms
  • A payment plan that suits your needs
  • Huge savings
  • All fuel delivered within 48 hours
  • Deliveries to every part of the UK

However, we believe that the most significant benefit of our service is:

  • An assigned account manager devoted to offering the best service to you and your business

We buy our white diesel (derv) direct from the refinery and have full traceability to ensure you receive the highest quality derv for your vehicles

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Some Diesel Trivia For You:

Diesel will surpass petrol as the number one global transportation fuel by 2020.

Diesel or petrol?

By 2040, it’s projected that 70% of all transport fuels will come from diesel suppliers. The development of viable transportation action and the development of light-duty car fuel economy have given rise to this move away from motorised petrol to diesel. Presently petrol is the most used fuel worldwide, but by 2020 it is anticipated that diesel will be ahead.

The development of the maritime and flying industries will be one of the chief reasons behind this development. In 2040, it is anticipated that those trades will make up 25% of all diesel usage worldwide. The airline business is foretold to nearly double its diesel usage in the next 30 years. But, the main demand for diesel in the pending years will be from emerging nations. Specialists are saying that 80% of the development will originate from these nations.

By 2040, it is estimated that only 50% of cars will be using conventional diesel and petrol engines. This is as additional energy-efficient cars will become more widespread. It is predicted that there will be 1.6 billion cars in the world by this time, up from the current 800 million. However, the demand for petrol will be comparatively flat.

A car that is powered by a battery motor and a petrol engine is known as a plug-in or an electric hybrid vehicle. It is estimated that by 2040, 40% of all cars and 50% of new car transactions will be for this type of vehicle. The transactions will increase quickly due to hybrid cars becoming less costly.

Conventional vehicles however still have some life in them as improvements in technology are continuing to improve fuel economy. Functional limitations and cost will also be hurdles that need to be overcome if electric or plug-in hybrid cars are to make substantial progress. Up until 2040 oil will remain the main fuel source for transport, given the obtainability of the provision.

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