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Are You Paying Too Much For Diesel Fuel?

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White Diesel

You can save money on diesel fuel by contacting your local supplier to see if you’re using the correct diesel. Industrial, building or farming equipment can use red diesel, which comes at a much cheaper cost than regular diesel fuel.

Diesel Fuel

What Is Red Diesel?

Duty is applied to regular diesel fuel for vehicles that will be used on public roads. These duties are used to preserve roads and bridges. Vehicles that are used on private land, such as tractors, can use red diesel and hence pay no duty.

Red diesel can be distinguished immediately from its white counterpart by the red colour. To check if vehicles are running on red diesel, the government will regularly stop vehicles on public roads.

What Are The Savings Using Red Diesel?

Using red diesel can have a significant impact on any budget. When you consider using it over your entire fleet throughout the course of a year the savings can be huge. You can save £148 a day (eight hour usage) or £18 an hour by having red diesel. This is based on using 39 litres per hour in a mid-sized tractor. The average price difference between red and regular diesel fuel is about 47.5p per litre.

Generators or pumps and other equipment that is powered by diesel are also permitted to use red diesel. This extends to agrarian, manufacturing, agricultural or marine equipment that won’t be used on a public road.

Where Can I Find Red Diesel?

You can receive a same day red diesel delivery if you have an emergency. An articulated tanker can deliver in bulk quantities, however if you only require a small amount you can get a barrel. To ensure you never run out of red diesel, many companies can offer you a fuel management service where they will top-up your tanks based on your average consumption.

Across the UK, red diesel is available from a vast number of registered suppliers’. Get in touch today.

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