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Creepin’ It Real This Halloween!

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Running Out of Fuel Can be Deadly to Your Business

Running low or dry of fuel can be a nightmare for your business, with problems like equipment breaking, operations halting and expenditure increasing. So why risk it when you can avoid a frightful Halloween this year?

Speedy Fuels is an experienced, skilful, UK fuel supplier, so we know what a quality delivery service should be and what does the trick. After all, we’ve been supplying fuels and oils for years, so it’s no mystery we’re a leader in the industry.Leading Fuel Supplier

A cauldron of high-quality fuels, oils and lubricants delivered nationwide

We’re hell-bent on offering the best service and prices, witch is why we’re the no.1 choice for many businesses in not just the London area but all over the UK too. Our fangtastic high-quality fuels include red diesel (gas oil), white as a ghost diesel, (DERV), kerosene, industrial heating oil, AdBlue, lubricants and more.

Whether you need a small quantity or large, it’s no superstition that we really do provide nationwide deliveries to all business types within 48 hours of purchase.

Fuel tanks – your protection from your own horror story

Fuel contamination will come back to haunt you, whether it be environmental hazards, void insurance premiums, hefty clean-up costs, fuel replacement and more.

It’s all a recipe for disaster. And it can all be avoided by using our wide range of safe, secure and cost-effective storage tanks. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and capacities to meet your requirements and are made from plastic or steel.

Free fuel management service manned by our team of wizards and witches

Leading Fuel SupplierAs with many businesses, keeping on top of your fuel can be a troublesome task, especially if the allocated person is up-to-no-good.

Speedy Fuels offers all business types a free fuel management system which will ensure you never have the fright of running out of fuel again. We monitor, control and maintain fuel supplies in all business areas and give you a ‘top-up’ when required.

So, for those of you who are up to your eyeballs in other areas of your business, let the experts take care of your fuel needs for you.

There’s no trick with this one, it’s all treat – 24/7 emergency fuel delivery

Those who rely on a steady supply of fuel to power their operations, such as hospitals, data centres and schools need a supplier in mind who they can rely on if things go wrong.

Many other fuel suppliers only work 9-5 which is a petrifying thought to us here at Speedy Fuels. We understand that many businesses work beyond the typical working day, which is why we do too.

Our phones are manned 24/7, 365 days a year, to ensure we can provide a full round-the-clock service to avoid you experiencing a hair-raising disaster. We guarantee to get your fuels to you in a matter of hours, which is made possible by fuel depots located all over the country.

Call us today on 0330 123 3773 to find out more about any of our magical services and products. Don’t risk having a fearsome Halloween this year.

Happy Howl-O-Ween from us all at Speedy Fuels

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