Look out for our Competitions to Win Heating Oil & Red Diesel

Speedy Fuels have previously given away Free Heating Oil and Red Diesel to lucky competition winners. Many of them have told us the now clichéd “I’ve never won anything before”, but were definitely grateful to us for picking them as our winners!

Enter our latest competitions to win heating oil and red diesel

Look out for out If you would like to win in our latest heating oil or red diesel competitions when they are announced, you will need to check back regularly on this page, or consider following us on FacebookTwitter or Linkedin where we announce future competitions first.

Do you need heating oil or red diesel today?

Outside of the time we run our competitions to win free fuel, you can also purchase home heating oil as well as ordering industrial heating oil (IHO) and red diesel anywhere in the UK for your business.

As one of the UK’s largest fuels, oils and lubricants suppliers, we’re trusted by homes and businesses across the UK to supply our range of fuels, oils and lubricants.

Can’t wait for one of our competitions to win your next supply? Simply give our friendly team a call today on [tel] to place an order. We guarantee that with our competitive prices, you’ll feel like a winner every time you order!