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Cheap Heating Oil

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Buying Cheap Heating Oil

Cheap heating oil can be difficult to come by. Checking prices and shopping around can save you a lot of money. Even if it’s only a couple of pence per litre, it will still add up over the year. It has become part of the ritual when buying heating oil that you look for the cheapest price. However, given the recent trend in the market, it appears that prices only seem to be going up.

Heating Oil

Methods of Buying Cheap Heating Oil

When it comes finding cheap heating oil, you need to be aware of the different trends in the market and factors that will ultimately mean you get a lower price.

Make the most of lower costs in the summertime – Choose to replenish your oil tank in summer if you can. Typically prices are lower as there isn’t as much demand as there is in winter. Contact us now to get a price.

Purchase in large quantities – Over the course of a year, if you buy in larger quantities, you may save a couple of pence per litre which can add up. Most suppliers will normally offer you a discount for buying in larger quantities.

Group purchasing – In order to give you cheap heating oil, we will group all orders in the same region together.

Spread the cost with a payment plan – We offer flexible payment terms with numerous payment choices. You must also screen the rates and make the most of any central heating oil rate drops.

Additional Factors That Disturb the Price of Central heating Oil

There are things we cannot predict that affect the cost of oil. These consist of:

Political and civilian unrest in oil creating countries – Oil prices are sensitive to the political conditions that are on-going in a number of the oil producing countries in the Middle East. Click here to read a recent article published by the BBC.

Present fluctuations – The price of oil in the UK can be affected by the exchange rate as oil is traded in US dollars.

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