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Central Heating Oil Prices – Lower In Summer

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central heating oilDid you know that you tend to get the cheapest central heating oil prices in the summer? But, when it comes to ordering central heating oil you can get a headache from trying to work out which supplier offers the best overall service. During winter almost 2 million households across the UK depend on heating oil to stay warm.

Getting cheap central heating oil can get your head in a spin, especially now when there are so many suppliers to choose from. This blog post will help you know when you’re getting the best heating oil prices.

OFTEC will be able to tell you which suppliers serve your local area. It is important to know which suppliers serve your area because you’ll just run up your phone bill by ringing suppliers that aren’t local to you.

Order Your Central Heating Oil In Summer

In summer you will generally get a cheaper price. Even though you may not need the fuel right now, it is best to have it delivered now.

Also, the colder the weather the higher central heating oil prices are likely to be. This is simply the case like with many other products, when demand is high, prices will be high. You will end up paying an arm and a leg if you order last minute. So if you want to get the lowest price, compare prices on a regular basis.

Negotiate The Price Of Central Heating Oil

Some central heating oil suppliers might try to sell to you at a higher price, so try to negotiate a better price. A good technique is to tell one supplier what you’ve been quoted by another. At the end of the day they want your custom, so they will do their best to match or beat the price.

Buy Central Heating Oil In Bulk

The more fuel you buy, the cheaper it’s going to be. It may be worth contacting your neighbours and see when they’re ordering as the price will likely be a lot lower when a tanker can deliver a lot of fuel in one journey.


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