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Central heating Oil Customers – Prepare For Wintertime

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Buying Heating Oil

heating oilNow is the perfect time to get your heating oil tank in order before winter begins. Don’t wait for temperatures to drop before you place your order. Refilling your tank in the autumn is best as you usually get the best price.

Make sure you take a good look inside your heating oil tank before putting oil in there. Once the oil goes in there, it can be hard to spot anything that may be causing problems.

Over time your heating oil tank can experience all kinds of problems if water manages to mix with the oil. However, the water will sink to the bottom of the tank making it difficult to spot. The walls and the roof of your oil tank can condensate because of the heat differences during the summer. This can cause water droplets to form and drip into the oil. Rain can also get into your tank from damaged lids or vents. Therefore, it’s important that you check your tank before refilling.

The sludge in the bottom of the tank will be disturbed when fresh oil is pumped in. This is when the criticisms about the quality of the oil start to pour in.

Particles and flakes of rust can fall into the oil if you have a metal tank. The metal can be eroded by the water in the tank leading to contamination in the tank.

The oil can struggle to get to the pipes if the water freezes during the cold winter weather. This can cause all sorts of problems as water will now be entering your boiler.

How can I spot contamination in my heating oil tank?

Contamination and water will be easy to spot now that the levels of oil in tank should be quite low. It is also wise to check for wear, cracks and damage to your tank.

If you’ve got water in your tank, the best option is to have the water pumped out.

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