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5 Iconic London Businesses

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At Speedy Fuels, we’re proud to be a London-born business, supporting London businesses in their fuel needs.

We started out with one goal: to provide first-class, ultra-fast fuel and lubricant deliveries first and foremost to London based businesses – and with the feedback we receive we are doing a great job of it.

That’s why whenever you pass one of our Speedy Fuels trucks, you know exactly which city you’re in.

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We believe that being recognised as an essential part of an area’s landscape is the ultimate honour for any business.

But it’s not just Speedy Fuels that was born and bred in the big smoke. There are plenty of iconic London businesses that make up this great capital.

Allow us to give you the grand tour….

1. Harrods

The history of Harrods stretches back to 1824 when 25-year old Charles Henry Harrod opened up a small haberdashery business in Southwark. Since moving to its current premises in Knightsbridge, Harrods has become the quintessential British department store, pretty much embodying the London high-life – and with over 15 million visitors a year, it seems as though everyone wants a taste of it!

2. Hamleys

Meet the world’s largest and oldest toy shop in the world. Established in 1760, its flagship store on Regent Street set out over 7 huge floors has been bringing smiles to young faces since 1880. Quite frankly though – whatever age you are, it’s hard not to crack a smile in this toy-filled wonderland.

3. Morley’s Chicken

London isn’t all about the glitz and glamour of luxury retailers. Take this humble fried chicken chain for example. Ask any South Londoner where to go for the best takeaway fried chicken experience, and they’ll point you in the direction of one of the 40 Morley’s outlets South of the river. Whether you’re a takeaway aficionado or not, it’s impossible to deny that London wouldn’t be London without Morley’s.

4. Pimlico Plumbers

London’s largest independent plumbing company need no introduction – mainly because you can’t walk down a street without one of their trademark blue vans driving past you at some point, complete with plumbing-themed personalised number plates, such as DRA1N, F1USH and T01LET. Not only that, but you’ll probably have seen the company’s charismatic self-made CEO, Charlie Mullins, during one of his many TV appearances! – bosses certainly don’t come as cockney as Charlie!

5. Rough Trade Records

This record store, established in 1978, is one of the most iconic music retailers in the world.

Its reputation as a pioneer of the British punk explosion allowed it to evolve into an iconic record label releasing some of the most important albums of the 20th century, but you can still visit its original brick and mortar record store in Ladbroke Grove – a must for true music aficionados.

For the sake of brevity, we’re going to have to stop there, as the number of inimitable London businesses that has been produced is staggering.

And of course… Speedy Fuels

We’re proud to be a part of that number. And the best part is, we’re not planning on going away anytime soon!

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