Monthly Archives: April 2019

UK in the Top 10 Most Expensive Countries for Diesel

Using data from, we conducted research and found that following 10 weeks of continual price rises of countries that fuel prices are tracked, the UK is the 9th most expensive country when it comes to purchasing diesel, ranking 155th … Read more

Safely Handle Fuels With 10 Simple Tips

Oil is an essential commodity for many people, from red diesel and industrial heating oil for businesses to heating oil for homeowners. But storing such substances requires careful handling to avoid spillages or leakages which can result in prosecution. We’ve … Read more

7 Oil Tank Fittings You Need to Avoid a Spillage

As a fuel user, it’s hugely important to be familiar with your tank’s condition and its capacity to avoid a spillage. This blog provides a basic understanding of the different oil tank fittings and what they do. Oil tanks come in … Read more

7 Easy Steps to Mark Earth Day, Including Green Fuels

With Earth Day approaching, it’s a gentle reminder to be a little kinder to our planet and the perfect opportunity to reflect on your carbon footprint and its environmental impact. This blog looks at what steps you can take to … Read more