Monthly Archives: December 2018

Welsh National Assembly Update Oil Storage Regulations

New measures were introduced in Wales on the 15th March 2020, the last of 3 stages of legislation dating back to 2016 and covers all above-ground fuel storage tanks with a capacity of 200 litres or more. This now includes … Read more

Oil prices are high, but don’t break the law

Red diesel, also known as gas oil, heating oil and tractor diesel, is for off-road use and is widely used in machinery across agricultural, marine, rail and construction industries. It’s similar to white diesel, in that it still produces nitrogen … Read more

The Importance of Regular Fuel Analysis

There’s a silent but deadly machinery and equipment killer out there. The more that appear, the worse the problem gets. They can only be seen under a microscope as they are invisible to the naked eye and they can only … Read more

What are Biofuels and should you be using them?

Over the last 20 years, biofuel, biodiesel and biomass have all made great attempts to become household names for alternative fuels and their production. However, only recently have these fuels been improved upon to create new generations of more reliable … Read more

IMO Sulphur Cap 2020 Regulation FAQ

Does your seagoing vessel comply with the 2020 IMO sulphur global fuel standards? We can buy back your old high sulphur fuel and supply you with the new compliant standard of fuel to keep you and your ship afloat. What … Read more